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The Mysterious Howling (2010)

The Mysterious Howling (2010)

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About book The Mysterious Howling (2010)

I wanted to like this book more, but I just didn't. The beginning started off very well. Penelope Lumley, a fifteen year old graduate from Swanburne Academy is on her way to, hopefully a new job. Penelope is very nervous, this being her first job interview. When she arrives at Ashton Place, she is disturbed to hear howling and barking. The lady of the house, Lady Constance, hires Miss Lumely before giving any details about the children. We the readers find out in the first chapter that the children were found in the woods and raised by wolves. That, Fredrick Ashton, man of the house found the children and therefore, "finders..keepers".The story talks about in great length how Miss Lumley teaches her knew charges and how she grows to love them. I became quite bored towards the middle and the ending was not awful but...I just didn't care for it. It seemed cruel. I have read Lemony Snickett and his Unfortunate Events and those books are just better written. The narrator tries to engage the reader through out the book, but it just falls flat. Furthermore the narrator talks about microwaves and other modern devices, which is confusing because I'm assuming the story takes place maybe a century ago. I was confused at parts. I'm not sure I will be continuing this series. It was not my cup of tea. "No hopeless case is truly without hope." - Agatha Swanburneand I think that's exactly the value that the book tries to bring out.I've been dealing with kids, some quite unique and.. kinda impossible kids since I was in junior high, finding my way in the church's Sunday school classes.The experience I had were amazing. They opened my eyes with the fact that I am responsible for the next generation - and that it's never their fault that they end up being the way they are. AND that's why you can never give up on love them. help them. give them hope.I believe this book reflects just the same thing. That there's still hope even with kids who were said to be "raised by wolves".A very inspiring yet light book. I loved it. :)

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Note to self: audiobook read by Katherine Kellgren highly recommended by JG.

I liked this book. The governess was very kind and loving to the children.

"If it were easy to resist, it would not be called chocolate cake."


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