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The Mind Of Mr. Soames (1977)

The Mind of Mr. Soames (1977)

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About book The Mind Of Mr. Soames (1977)[return][return]Mr Soames is thirty years old, but has been in a coma since birth; the scientists who are the viewpoint characters bring him to life, and we're then suddenly in a sexually repressed late 1950's version of Frankenstein, as the created man wreaks havoc on his environment and his creators.[return][return]Some of it reminded me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show ("Oh, Rocky! That's no way to behave on your first day out!"). Some of it reminded me of a terrible novel of about the same era which I read twenty years ago, about the inevitable breakdown of English society which would result as soon as there is a film on general release in which the act of sexual intercourse is depicted. (Can anyone identify that novel?)[return][return]Of course, it's not just Frankenstein; in this era you have to compare with Flowers for Algernon, which takes a similar scenario and does it much, much better.

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