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Stars And Stripes In Peril (2001)

Stars and Stripes in Peril (2001)

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About book Stars And Stripes In Peril (2001)

Stars & Stripes in Peril is the follow up to Harrison's Stars & Stripes Forever in which the US and Confederacy mend fences in the middle of the Civil War to fight off the British who have invaded both. (Not a brilliant move on their part.)The PM and Queen, not to mention a ton of other Englishmen, are not happy at the loss and plot to once again attack the soft underbelly of the US in the gulf. Using the French control of Mexico as their excuse (must help our French buddies who we love so much get their money back), the English start building a road across Mexico to bring their Far East troops to the gulf side and give them a convenient launching point for the invasion. The US still has a lead in technology and keeps making better equipment but the English aren't far behind. Espionage and military trickery come into play as each side tries to out trick the other. Once again, very believably written. With the situation, as left in 'Forever', one could easily see events transpiring as written. Actually, there were less "REALLY?" moments in the book for me than the previous one. Also, once again, the book deals with major players in the events and not some unheard of minor player (which Turtledove loves and Conroy plays with as well).One thing I was never sure of was how the PM stayed in power after losing the 'Civil War'. Not even just losing it but totally blowing it!!! Being in charge in that kind've loss wasn't good for one's political future in that era of England.In any case, a fun and thought provoking book. I look forward to reading the last in the series.

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