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The Medusa Plot (2011)

The Medusa Plot (2011)

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0545324092 (ISBN13: 9780545324090)
Scholastic Press

About book The Medusa Plot (2011)

I love my book that i read because it had a lot of action in it. What the theme of the story was that got kidnapped and two tanagers have to save them before something bad will happen. One opinion that I liked in the story was when the kids the two kids saved the kidnapped kids before it was to late. I would recommend this book to people that like action in what they read. The people that I recommend this book to will really enjoy it. The medusa plot ( 39 clues: cahills vs vespers )By Gordon Korman This book is interesting and every cool. It is fun to read also it is filled with action and excitement it will keep you on the edge of your seat every time you open to read it. It is about two children named amy and dan have seven challis cousins kidnapped by an evil organization called vesper this is the main conflict. Amy and dan with two of their cousins have to complete all the assignment to save their cousins. This is the main plot and this is where the climax happens. it will keep you interested.

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Great book. I wish I didn't read it before I read the first series though! It gave away everything.

These books are so great!!!

Good book


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