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The Lonely Hearts Club (2010)

The Lonely Hearts Club (2010)

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0545140315 (ISBN13: 9780545140317)

About book The Lonely Hearts Club (2010)

3,5/5Me gustó pero le di mi puntuación con perspectiva.La mayoría de los personajes me parecieron medios lelos, la historia algo absurda y predecible y no hubo mucho conflicto que digamos. Pero si entretiene, por eso las estrellas :3El final me encantó pero luego de una hora no me puede parecer más común y tampoco hay un cierre muy cerrado para todos los personajes. Sólo para Penny.La verdad, las sinopsis de los anexos de este libro y su continuación no me emocionan mucho. Seguramente leeré We Can Work It Out pero por compromiso para que no me quede -la que creo que es una bilogia- sin terminar.Si.. no me gustó taaaaaaaanto. Es un libro para pasar el tiempo nomas. It's a funny story how I got this book. I was into one of my fazes for the week. And this time it was about how boys are horrible. Haha, told you it was funny. Before I continue I will say that there will be spoilers in this book review because I'm against it completely. Why don't you tell me about the movie while your at it?Penny Lane Bloom is just an normal junior girl. She has an best friend, older sisters, and parents who are extremely proud and happy of their obsession with The Beatles. But like many girls, she experienced an awful breakup with her ex(who I hated throughout this whole book, and should named a lot of bad mean words to describe him). Penny is traumatized and you be too if you found out what happened. Penny decides to stand up to it and put her foot down. No boys. No dating. Nada. Soon her ex best friend and recent best friend join her in her club(hence the name). Soon everything changes (some for the better, some for the worst) they soon found out that they've inspired a generation of girls who are fed up with the boys in McKinley High School. The girls decide that all they need is love and support from each other. But not everyone is happy about this little club. The principle, some rude snobby freshman, and a few jerk jocks are out to stop them. Soon Penny finds love where she least expects it. This book was so awesome, love the plot and club and totally join. Hated the ex. Rooted for the older sister and best friend for their blunt bold humor. And many more. At the end you will not be disappointed. Take it from a girl who knows high school.

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Este libro es muy entretenido pasas un buen rato riendo leyéndolo!

Love it. Funny, well-written, and with beautiful songs.

under my expectation..but I like the idea :)

As fun and crazy as only a girl can be.

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