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The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic (2013)

The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic (2013)

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About book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic (2013)

Great blueprint for saving the republic. This book is not quite as readable as some of Mark's other books, but I think that's because the subject matter is more difficult. His proposed amendments are clear, common sense ideas for restoring the Constitution to its original intent. I only wish that it were possible to get these amendments enacted. But that's where we come in!This book gives the ideas for the new amendments (obviously), but it also provides some excellent background information on the Constitution itself and how it was ratified. If you aren't already a constitutional scholar, you should read this book and be enlightened. I am an occasional listener of Mr. Levin's nightly radio show. He is a staunch defender of the Constitution and its Framers. His passion for defending what he sees as attacks against the Constitution and his interpretation of the intentions of the founders of the country by court decision, regulations by government agencies and executive regulations is almost a nightly subject of his radio show. His group, The Landmark Legal Foundation, has sued the Federal government on several occasions on issues of abuse of the Constitution and won several of those cases. Mr. Levin is well qualified to write on this subject.Mr. Levin suggests a group of new Constitutional amendments to correct needs to be updated to correct errors made in prior amendments or for current circumstances. His reasoning for the new amendments is based on the Federalist papers and other writings from the founders that expressed the thinking at the time. Some of the suggested amendments are interesting, for instance, allowing a 3/5 vote of Congress to override Supreme Court decisions and to limit terms of Supreme Court judges to a single 12 year term, Levin points to writings from the founders that rejected thinking of an all powerful Supreme Court, which it has become. His analysis of legal history that surrounds each issue is excellent.Considering the dryness of the subject, the book is very readable and understandable without the need for any legal background. This is the work of a true constitutional lawyer and should be read by all citizens interested in improving our current system of government.

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