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Ameritopia: The Unmaking Of America (2000)

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America (2000)

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About book Ameritopia: The Unmaking Of America (2000)

So much has already been written in these reviews - pro and con - that is quite helpful in determining the value of this book. For me, there was much value in reading this book. First of all you must know that I am not a big fan of books written by political pundits, be they republican or democrat, liberal or conservative, television or radio. This is not because I favor one party or ideology over another (I do; I am a conservative), but it is because we hear so much of the pundits to begin with that I really do not want to apply my reading time to more of their punditry. The one exception to this personal preference of mine is Mark Levin. He gives me much, much more in his written analysis and than what I simply hear from him on the radio. "Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America" delivers. As has been stated repeatedly in these reviews, in "Ameritopia" Levin delivers an direct relationship between the United States founding father and their literary mentors - Locke, and Montesquieu, and eloquently contradicts them from their Utopian counterparts - Plato, More, and Hobbes. He also discusses later literary and philosophical figures in De Tocqueville and Marx. The relationship between their philosophies and those found in our founding documents becomes clear and unmistakable in "Ameritopia". From there Levin demonstrates how the United States has slowing been slipping down the Utopian path over the last century, and warns against the path to tyranny. Readers may not agree with Levin's premise, but they cannot deny what influences were upon our founding fathers. Highly recommended! The majority of this book is quotes from 17th and 18th century philosophers. I am a slow reader, so the antiquated language made reading this book more time consuming. There was also little discussion on the quotes in the first 8 chapters or so, which I would have appreciated more of considering the antiquated language can sometimes be difficult to understand. However, Levin does it all for a reason to paint the perfect picture of the Utopia so many Liberals want to install in this society. It's scary to read the words of Thomas Hobbes and Karl Mark and see their ideas of socialism and communism at work today in America. This book has definitely opened my eyes to the true intensions of the Left.

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Must-read for those who love and understand true, God-given freedom.

Excellent reading. If you love America, you'll love this book!

Loved it; should be required reading for every American.

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