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The Krishna Key (2012)

The Krishna Key (2012)

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About book The Krishna Key (2012)

Five thousand years ago, Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu left a legacy, one that will befuddle men for ages, until one man decides to unravel this secret. Anil Varshney is an archaeologist and seems to have made some headway by discovering four seals belonging to that era; the seals fit into a ceramic base plate and taken together point to the source code of this age old secret— together they constitute ‘The Krishna Key’. Not wanting to risk the discovery of all the seals at one place, Varshney distributes the seals among four of his friends (or genetic brothers), little knowing he’s putting himself and his friends in the path of a serial killer, Taarak Vakil. The latter considers himself to be the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu and is out to get what he thinks belongs to him. Result: Varshney is the first one to get eliminated but not before he’s passed on his secret to his friend, Ravi Mohan Saini. A professor of mythology, Saini seems like the perfect fit to take over from where his friend left off but he’s also the prime suspect in Varshney murder case. With the police on his chase, how will Saini prove himself not guilty? What will happen to the other three people who also have the ancient seals from Varshney? Did Krishna truly leave behind a legacy? Can Ravi Mohan Saini unravel this secret?‘The Krishna Key’ is an interesting read for mythology buffs and conspiracy theorists. The book is tightly scripted with each chapter beginning with a story about Krishna, followed by its parallel drawn from modern times. The plot is wonderfully paced and the story is well researched. Having a professor of mythology as the key protagonist works well as he is the only who can make sense of those countless riddles, mythological references, anagrams, cryptic puzzles, Sanskrit shlokas and messages hidden from Mount Kailash to Taj Mahal. Add to it a serial killer and a Mumbai don and that's all you need for a perfect thriller. Ashwin Sanghi is a gifted writer and has done immense research which is apparent in his writing but like Dan Brown, he’s dumped a lot of information on the reader which could have been avoided. Aside that, the novel has an interesting cast, their backgrounds nicely explained and motives sufficiently clear. Overall, I found it an interesting novel. First, let me emphasise one thing that this book is a bit hard to read. Anybody can read the story where boy and girl loves each other, their parents rejects first, then regrets and rejoice later... But this book and theme is somewhat unique.. I recommend it for all those who want a deviation from routine story of chirping birds.This title is written with the strong foundation called research. A bow to Ashwin for his efforts. Many spiritual concepts has the scientific reason behind it, the thing is that we don't know those. Krishna key is an attempt to reason some of them.I absolutely loved the connections between Dwaapara yuga and Kaliyuga... Ultimately, a book worth trying for those who carve to know something or anything :)

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Book is nice from the starting....but ending part is not satifiying

It's a good suspence and thriller novel by Ashwin Sanghi.

Simple Incredible!!

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