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The King's Deception (2013)

The King's Deception (2013)

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030799094X (ISBN13: 9780307990945)
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About book The King's Deception (2013)

The conspiracy fiction attracts my attention since the first day it was released n the UK. Undoubtedly, the identity of Elizabeth I intrigues me strongly. I have been in the Westminster Abbey more than three times and I admire the tomb where Queen of England and Queen of Scots are lying together. I read two books written by Hilary Mantel about the Henry VIII's Tudor and always show my respect to the last Tudor Queen. Uh, I believe the Irish will never hold the same points as I. This is a really different take on Elizabeth I. Imagine, she's an imposter (a male cousin who replaced the 13-year old Elizabeth who died). Many of the eccentricities of Elizabeth I could support this (her dress, makeup, absence of partner) so if you like conspiracy plots, this fits the bill. It was a fast fun read; I'll read another Cotton Malone (main character) adventure. The book I have includes a novella which explained the 7-year previous meeting of 2 characters in the novel. It was a bonus, not necessary to know to enjoy the novel and not as fun as the main story.

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I enjoyed this as it takes place in London where I have spent a good deal of time

Very entertaining and a return to form for the Cotton Malone series

I'd give it a 3 1/2. It was a fun ride.

Entertaining, but not great.

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