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The Emperor's Tomb (2010)

The Emperor's Tomb (2010)

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Interesting read once again. Though as I stated before in my review, with the death of Thorvaldsen I lost the drive, it takes me too many days to finish the book. And it might be probably, because I need a break from a series for a while, read something different and then come back and finish it.Story involves history of China, struggle for power and interesting theory of abiotic oil. I like the addition of Viktor, he's like the ultimate twist character. And the Malone - Vitt ending worked for me well.All-in-all it was a good read, but I need to try another books for now. Twists & turns for the main character, Cotton Malone in China amid political struggle for control of the country. I knew China was responsible for many inventions and discoveries, but they were featured in this novel. As were the political and governmental systems detailed. The plot is a Russian-US-China (with an adequate number of spies and double-spies and traitors, etc.) and a discovery of abiotic oil - oil that is infinitely renewable and not from compressed organic material. Interesting thought.It was a fast read and I like the main character. Recommend it.

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Stopped at page 240. First time I have given up on a book in many years. Not his best...

Very good read. There are multiple twists and turns, and you never know who to trust.

Another excellent adventure with Cotton Malone. Really fast paced and interesting.

Outstanding. Another page turner from Berry.

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