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The Inn At Eagle Point (2009)

The Inn at Eagle Point (2009)

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0778326268 (ISBN13: 9780778326267)

About book The Inn At Eagle Point (2009)

I needed some light-hearted, good stuff happening, happily ever after reading. This was perfect. I always called these kind of books mind-candy. I think some people call them beach reads. Either way this is a great start to what I understand is a ten or so book series. I am part way through book two now. I love when you get to keep the "main" characters for more than one book. This series does that. Enjoy! This book is chauvinistic alright. Female chauvinist! I am probably one of the minority of males who have read (listened to audiobook of) this book and was astounded by the female chauvinistic viewpoint. Spoilers ahead - Beware.It seems to be perfectly fine that the protagonist can pick up overnight and take her kids hundreds of miles away from their divorced father and keep them there for an extended period of time. Probably in violation of any custody agreement, legal or consensual. But, she has a cow if their father dares to even think about taking them back to his home - their home. Oh, he is allowed to travel hundreds of miles to visit his kids whenever he wants, gee, how generous of her. Would she be so agreeable if He kept the kids and She got to travel hundreds of miles to visit them? After all, she had the means ($$) to do so just as much as he did.And the author also mentions that the 'workaholic' mother uses a nanny to raise her kids anyway! Granted the author paints the kids' father as a jerk, but he treated the kids very well and even jerks have parental rights. I just wonder how the mother would feel if the father picked up the kids and took them hundreds of miles away to His home town without telling her?And don't even get me started on how the family fawns over the estranged mother of the protagonist, who abandoned her entire family when her children were still young. She finally returns years later and they greet her like the prodigal 'son'!I expect to get slammed by most of the female site members, so have at it. And, in case you were wondering, I do not have kids and have never been in a custody battle. I can't imagine how infuriating this book would have been if I had!

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Audiobook on iPodReally enjoying this series, meeting all the interesting characters.

Predictable and the characters were annoying and flat. Vert one dimemsional.

Predictable but enjoyable. Light and a great summer read.

No surprises, but still a good read.

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