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The Hero Of Ages (2008)

The Hero of Ages (2008)

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0765316897 (ISBN13: 9780765316899)
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About book The Hero Of Ages (2008)

I will admit, this book did not end exactly as I hoped it would - but as I've thought about it after completing it, I realized that while the ending was not entirely satisfying, it was exactly what it should be. I'll explain.Sanderson exhibited a lot of brilliance in these books. From dealing with issues like race and the divide that exists between people groups, to creating a completely integrated religious culture, to going deep into the meaning of faith, along with the importance of faith for the human heart... I was blown away by this throughout the books. On top of this, he managed to create a unique world, a gripping plot line, and dynamic characters, who you became more and more attached to as the books continued to their conclusion. I couldn't help but be impressed. In the midst of all this development, I believe he was actually working toward the ending revealed in this book since he first started writing it, and there's clear foreshadowing to show that. This wasn't something he threw together, this was planned long in advance, from the time he penned the very first page of the first book. Which is rare. There was an huge amount of material in the book that pointed towards this inevitable ending. So while I did not especially feel satisfied by it it, Sanderson gets major points for managing to construct such a complex story - and ending it exactly as he intended. For that reason, I'd still call this one of the best fantasy series' I've ever read. The appeal of the book is figuring out what was going on behind the scenes as the characters themselves rarely got to see it, and figuring out what had happened a millennia ago. Thus it's kinda like a mystery novel, something that wouldn't seem to go well with fantasy (there can be mysteries but the whole book cant be one) but it does in this book.And that makes this a bit reminiscent to Wheel of Time though the these two series aren't similar in any other way, except that they shared the same writer after WoT's orginal writer died. But that's enough for me to love this book. Besides, the ending revealed that I had been tricked once again by this series and that what I believed were lies. But I've gotten used to that now, leaving just the wonderment without the frustration.However, it leaves some unanswered questions which are perhaps addressed in the next trilogy (it's still being written) but they are bothersome. Also, this series is part of the universe called the Cosmere and all of Brandon Sanderson's books take place in it. As a result there are some references that I obviously must not have gotten. And that makes me sad.But this also makes me interested in reading the other Cosmere novels as parts of this world (called Scadrial) may leak into them. Ruin and Preservation were just two of some Shards produced when Adonalsium shattered. There are 14 more, though only six more are currently known. And they are in different worlds, laying the groundwork for the other novels. But reading all of the novels is no easy task though as there are going to be roughly 30-32 cosmere books and only 9 have been written and I've read 3 already. So I've decided I'm going to leave it here for now.PS- The black haired prominent nose one is called Leras while the red haired one is called Ati. That means the beads of metal at the end of well of ascension were called Lerasium.

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Loved the way the author wrapped up the trilogy and explained everything. Well written.

Actually so happy with that ending!

I think I'm broken.


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