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The Heretic Queen (2008)

The Heretic Queen (2008)

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About book The Heretic Queen (2008)

I was really looking forward to reading a historical fiction book cause I never have. This was the worst introduction to a genre I have ever had. I gave Michelle Moran two chances. I read Nefertiti all the way through and chalked the flaws up to her being new author. I got half way through The Heretic Queen when I just had to stop. It was aweful. The plot didn't make sense and was not at all interesting. Her dialog is sluggish and lacks subtlety. I thought it was an entertaining read. She sketched locations and artworks out beautifully, and the main character (Nefertari) was quite likeable I thought. It was better than another book I read by her, called Nefertiti. While the characters were quite flat, and the story not very well thought out, I think this was okay because it was just a quick and entertaining historical read, which was all I expected.

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I love how Moran makes these ancient people come to life.

I really enjoyed this book. Good clean fun!

Too romance novel for me.

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