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The Hangman's Daughter (2010)

The Hangman's Daughter (2010)

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About book The Hangman's Daughter (2010)

This is a historical fiction mystery set in 1660 Germany. The executioner Jakob Kuisl and his mission to save the midwife Martha from a crime that she did not commit. Children are dying with witch’s symbol etched on their back. They blamed the midwife for being a witch and had her arrested and tortured until she admitted that she committed the crime. For me, it started off strong and declined steadily from there. The first chapter was definitely the best. I was glad that my CD player disliked this book, because it gave me an excuse to stop listening. While the writing was very good (as was the actor who read the book), I really did not want to continue reading about torturing and burning women for the sake of ending communicate unrest.In Bavaria, a small boy, the only child remaining to a widower, was found tortured and battered and died soon after his recovery from the river. In less time than it took to type the above, the town decides to burn the midwife because, as we all know, midwives are witches. Therefore, she must have been the perpetrator.The town executioner - an intelligent and compassionate man - does his utmost to save her, certain of her innocence. But the town fathers decide that it is necessary that he force her to confess so they can murder her before witch fever takes over, thus restoring peace to their little town.I really don't want to know what happened after that.

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Loved the whole series. The characters are kind of like olden day CSI's! Very interesting!

Very good read. Couldn't wait to get back to it when not reading. Would recommend.

Scooby Doo meets The Crucible in 17th century Bavaria sums this one up pretty well.

Good story, did drag a little. Kept my interest.

2.5 stars

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