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The Glass Of Dyskornis (1982)

The Glass of Dyskornis (1982)

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About book The Glass Of Dyskornis (1982)

Just as Rikardon is begining to adjust to his new world and situation, his body's past catches up to him. Markasset ran up some heavy debts but the man he owes isn't going to be satisfied by only money...that sounds like sexual innuendo. Sheesh.Forced to leave Raithskar in a hurry, Rikardon seeks out the Sharith, the ancient military organization and the only other people who have bonded with the Sha'um, the giant warcats.Much in the same line, the Gandalara Cycle continues here with one very important addition - the illusionist Tarani. Before she entered the scene the only female characters were a soppy girlfriend/fiance of Markasset's, a great-Aunt (yes, she's sassy), and capable wives. Tarani still has some breaking-out to do as yet but she is precisely what this series needed to really get off the ground.The Steel of Raithskar was the only book that was completed before Garrett was struck with encephalitis and could no longer write. His wife and co-writer finished up the series based off of extensive outlines they had written out at the start of the project. I'm not sure if Heydron's influence is fully felt yet but, no offense to Garrett, I remember a lot of the he-men of the desert schtick fading away after awhile.The bond between Rikardon and Keeshah is explored more fully, with plenty of humor. I know this series came first, but I kept being reminded of the lazy cat-man mechanic from the late-80s comic book Dynamo Joe (note to self: see if there was a trade paperback of that released).My Review of Gandalara Omnibus 1

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