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Series: Gandalara Cycle

by Author Randall Garrett


The Steel of Raithskar (1981)

Ricardo Emilio Carlillo wakes up in the desert thinking he must be in hell. His last memory is as an older man, dying of cancer, standing on the deck of a ship with a beautiful young woman watching the swift approach of a meteor. But he's in Gandalara, in the body of Markasset, a young 'man' (Gan...

The Steel of Raithskar (1981) by Randall Garrett

The Glass of Dyskornis (1982)

Just as Rikardon is begining to adjust to his new world and situation, his body's past catches up to him. Markasset ran up some heavy debts but the man he owes isn't going to be satisfied by only money...that sounds like sexual innuendo. Sheesh.Forced to leave Raithskar in a hurry, Rikardon seeks...

The Glass of Dyskornis (1982) by Randall Garrett

The River Wall (1986)

And so it ends.The Gandalara Cycle was a touchstone of my adolescence, coming around at a time when I first really began exploring fantasy and science fiction as independent genres as opposed to just the more exciting brand of book. I was bowled over by it, I thought and thought and thought about...

The River Wall (1986) by Randall Garrett