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The Ghost Of Grania O'Malley (2001)

The Ghost of Grania O'Malley (2001)

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0749746912 (ISBN13: 9780749746919)

About book The Ghost Of Grania O'Malley (2001)

Excellent book.When I started it I thought it was going to be decent but not any great shakes. However, by the time I reached the end I wished there was a sequel.A synopsis:Jessie, a girl with a condition called palsy(?) lives with her mother and father. Her mother is away from home, on the mainland (The book is set on Clare Island). Her mother has gone to see some people in Dublin about chopping the top off the 'Big Hill'. The 'Big Hill' is a very major part of the story. Many of the islanders want to dig into the hill to find the supposed gold that lies within it. Jessie, her mum and Jessie's cousin, Jack from America, are protesting against the project. A nasty man called Martin Murphy, says 'there will be jobs for everyone' and they 'will all become very rich' etc.However, when Jessie climbs the 'Big Hill' at the beginning of the book, she meets the ghost of Grania O'Malley, the pirate queen of Clare Island. O'Malley doesn't want the project to go ahead, so Jessie and Jack must find a way of halting the digging before it's too late. I will not tell you any more so that you still have a reason to read it.Overall, excellent like all Michael Morpurgo books, and well worth reading.The Ghost of Grania O'MalleyMichael Morpurgo

I decided to re-read this book as it was one that was read to me as a child by my primary school teacher. After all these years I had remembered it and the basics of the story but knew I had to re-read for memories sake.It is such a great children's book! Michael Morpurgo is a fabulous children's author and I now know that I will read more of his stuff.Jessie is an awesome character whom never lets her disability get in the way of the dreams she wants to achieve. With some fun characters along the way such as her American cousin, the donkey and her sheepdog this book was a fun adorable little read of which I am trying to get all my friends to read also.

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I've read a lot of Mr Morpurgo's children's books - my favourite being Private Peaceful - and I picked this up because it was about a bunch of ghost pirates, and am Irish family, trying to save a sacred hill from being demolished by local developers hungry for gold. It's an interesting and fun idea (for the younger readers not so much teens) and was a little different because the main character, Jessie, was a girl suffering from cerebal palsy.However, the writing was somewhat "automatic pilot" and quite dull in places, so it was quite a struggle to get through. Some of Morpurgo's phrasing is very naieve and old-fashioned and the story could do with updating, I think. Also, ironically, even though part of the story is based on an actual pirate queen, much of it was not believable at all.It would have got 2 stars from me, but then the ending came along (with some fun pirate action) and saved the day so it got 3 stars. It's a good book, but not Morpurgo's best.
—Anthony Burt

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