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Escape From Shangri-La (2006)

Escape from Shangri-La (2006)

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About book Escape From Shangri-La (2006)

I think Escape From Shangri-La is quite an interesting book. The plot is something like this: Cessie tried to help Popsicle to remember his past, but how can she help? She is just 11 years old and she doesn’t even know what happened… The only thing that Popsicle can remember is his family.There are a lot of characters in this story, but the main characters are Popsicle and Cessie. Popsicle is a 65-year-old man; he has a son called Arthur; he has a granddaughter too. His granddaughter’s name is Cessie. Cessie is 11 years old; she is an intelligent and kind girl. However, the author should write Cessie as 17 or 18 years old; at 11 years old, she can’t protect Popsicle and help him remember his past in Shangri - La. But the author is just trying to make the readers more interested because they might be the same age. Cessie did not know that she had a grandfather till one day, Popsicle went to Cessie and told her that he was her grandfather; he couldn’t remember anything except his family. Cessie promised to help Popsicle remember his past.Michael Morpurgo did a really great job. I think he wrote this book for everyone; it doesn’t include any bad things like bloody scenes or violent scenes. It is just talking about how Cessie helps Popsicle remember his past. I wish the author could do better on the beginning, it’s too boring; it keeps saying the same things in the whole chapter. The rest of this book is very interesting. When I was reading, I was so excited and wanted to flip the page immediately. It is good that the author did not foreshadow the ending so it won’t spoil the story. I recommend this book to young teenagers. The words inside are a little difficult, so maybe younger children won’t really understand. If you have very good English, you will think that this book is too easy for you.

Another endearing read from Mr. Morpurgo, this is a story that is sure to pull at the heart strings whether you’re 10 or 110. The reader is given a glimpse back to World War II through the eyes and ears of Cessie’s grandfather, Popsicle; a relative that the 12 year old girl has only just discovered. As their relationship and friendship grows it leads them to an adventure, (escaping the awful nursing home he has been put in) to find his wartime lady love. It’s a great read and one that may well have tears rolling down your cheeks unless you’re made of stronger stuff than me.

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I love this book! I was so excited as I was reading. It was a while by the time I could join the bookcover with the story. Finally watching the cover I I SEE the story!We experience the happinings from Cessie's point of view, which is very interesting mainly she is angry at her parents. I like the way as how Morpurgo tells Cessie's feelings, thoughts. The best part or rather the best moment was when Cessie was waiting for Popsicle to start and Popsicle arrived with a car AND .. :D I had to laugh a big!! The story is full with emotions, sad and happy moments change each other, meanwhile it made me laugh as well.It was a very good decision to buy this book!Wonderful writing, wonderful storyline!

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