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The Ghost And The Goth (2010)

The Ghost and the Goth (2010)

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This was cute, though honestly, the book was more than half over before I was willing to give Alona a chance. She was over-the-top obnoxious with how self-centered and and narrow-minded she was, which I think was deliberate on the author's part but wasn't balanced by anything to make her likable until well past the halfway point. Even still, it was a fun book. Probably not enough for me to read the followups, but maybe. Sooooooo.....this book was way better than I thought it would be. Not that I thought it wouldn't be good, but I wasn't expected that much for some reason. But it's so cute! I love both main characters and the journeys they have to go on. Is there a little of the familiar in there with the kid that can see ghosts and all the learning that you don't know people just because you know their reputation? Sure. But it's ALL good though. I loved it. Just mad my library doesn't have the next one on ebook so now I actually have to travel somewhere to get it instead of instant gratification! Grrrr..... #firstworldproblems

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Really good book. I finally read something different then vampires or werewolves.... :)

YA paranormal romance. Good characters with depths revealed as story progresses.

Nice book. Was very easy to read. Tons of stereotypical characters.

Slow beginning but gets better.

It was funny and refreshing! XD

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