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The Forbidden Game (2010)

The Forbidden Game (2010)

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Simon Pulse

About book The Forbidden Game (2010)

I got hooked on this book after my 19-year old daughter took it out of the library for herself. It is a very well-written thriller for the younger set. All the characters are developed and deep enough to be interesting. I enjoyed their group dynamics and the changes that each individual went through, ending with the main character and her friends learning that they each are the masters of their own lives. There is a lot of creepy, scary stuff that keeps the pages turning, really bad, bad guys, and a sometimes not so bad (very good looking) bad guy. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a 750 pages of light entertaining reading. **spoilers alert!**To be honest the story plot was actually good but it was not well developed. I liked the idea of a game turning into an actual game but the way the progression of the story was described didn't exactly get me interested. Though in the story their nightmares were said to last an hour each, to me it felt as if , oh it actually finished? There should have been more in depth description. Also, the description of the characters were always repetitive. Jenny was always described as honey colored hair, pine green eyes and eyebrows that were like two decisive strokes, literally these were the only descriptions that I got throughout the book.Secondly, I thought that the characters in the story were really annoying.Especially Tom and Jenny. Tom was annoying in a way that I feel he didn't deserve Jenny at all, I can't exactly describe what annoys me about him but I think that he should have been described as a much more sensible character. Jenny on the other hand was always fainting and always weak, I felt it was a real pain reading the story from her point of view.Thirdly, I would have expected that Jenny would have fallen for Julian in the end and it disappointed me that they didn't . I suppose that the story would have been better if there was more development between Jenny and Julian.Lastly, I would like to say that everyone has different point of views and I'm really sorry if I offended anyone but these are my honest feed backs. It's ok if you appreciate it but it's also ok if you don't , no pressure.

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I think it's amazing. The characters are well thought of.

Brought back memories. Way better than I expected.

Loved it

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