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The Fairy Tales Of Hans Christian Andersen (2013)

The Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen (2013)

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About book The Fairy Tales Of Hans Christian Andersen (2013)

Enjoyable fairytales ranging from The Little Mermaid to The Ugly Duckling. The stories are told with more meaning than current fairytales. Be good and be rewarded or be bad and receive some form of wrath. The fairytales varied in range but overall they were lovely; even the sad ones. There was a beauty to them all. Anderson could paint a canvas with his words and it's easy to see why he is still read and renowned today. - 3 hours to read- 7 wordsdelightful, tales, forehead, haughty, court-yard, seaman, voyage- Discussion question1. What kind of tree do you like?- Of course,"Cherry blossom". It is the symbol of Japan. Also, from blossoming to being fallen, it is very beautiful for me.2. Which season do you like?- I like summer because I was born in summer, so I like summer. Also, we don't have to wear clothes more and more.

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Beautiful edition with awesome paper cut-outs

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