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The Evolutionary Void (2010)

The Evolutionary Void (2010)

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0345496574 (ISBN13: 9780345496577)
Del Rey (Random House)

About book The Evolutionary Void (2010)

Having read books one and two I was forced to read book 3 in order to see how it all worked out. Now I know.Same criticisms as before just adding that I couldn't be bothered to read in detail all of the descriptions of the fire fights I just assumed there was a lot of flashes and bangs. I found the ending weak and it felt like everything suddenly rushed to an end as there was little else left to do. A lot of the side characters seemed a little suddenly side tracked or even killed.My main advice is not to start reading the series and then you won't feel the need to continue. Excellent. I'm very glad I went back to it and finished the trilogy off (even if there were a couple of years between reading book 2 and book 3). The characters are (at least for the most part) well handled, balanced, and true to themselves. There are only a few who appear simply to do the necessary actions and then get forgotten again for a while.The only thing I would say - the technology keeps getting advanced, advanced further, and then again, until there's not really much left to play with. But then the technology's simply the background to the story anyway - hard SF this is not.Plus, on the evidence of this, the Commonwealth pair, and Great North Road, I'd say Hamilton's got the hang of bringing things to a satisfying crescendo and conclusion.Now, if he could teach Neal Stephenson...

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A well written series. Didn't completely love it, but Hamilton is never disappointing.

A good completion of the trilogy. This book rewarded me for persevering. Recommended.

3 stars, but I enjoyed this trilogy. Just don't recommend it.

Wrapped up in a neat bow. Good story, worth the time.

Loved this series.

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