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The Edge Of Never (2012)

The Edge of Never (2012)

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1480095532 (ISBN13: 9781480095533)

About book The Edge Of Never (2012)

This is a new adult romance novel that will keep you guessing and keep your tissue box close by because it is a tearjerker. The love story seems to develop from the pain that the two main characters have experienced in the past and will experience together. The pain seems to bring them closer together and it makes their love for each other stronger. What I thought while reading the book was, how can so many bad experiences happen to one couple and they are still together but that’s the beauty of the book. No matter what type of pain they go through it only brings them closer and makes them enjoy life more. I would recommend this book for people that love Young Adult romance fiction and are looking for a stepping stone between Young Adult and Adult fiction and that stepping stone is now called New Adult Fiction. --JH Camryn has suffered more than most and in a short space of time. She feels all alone but decides she needs a break from everyone and everything. She decided on a bus to nowhere but on that bus meets Andrew and they connect but trip after trip, they decide they are much more alike and drawn to each other. But there is a secret coming which will make you laugh and cry and hold your breathWith anticipation Loved it!Xx

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Bir türlü new adultta aradığımı bulamadım. İnanıyorum çok seveceğim bir tane çıkacak.

Det tog ett par kapitel innan handlingen drog igång men sedan var det fantastisk läsning!

A life changing book. The only book, I've ever cried.

Bellissimo libro!

Sad story.

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