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The Edge Of Always (2013)

The Edge of Always (2013)

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1455549002 (ISBN13: 9781455549009)

About book The Edge Of Always (2013)

Wow.... J.A. Redmerski... Just wow!We continue Andrew and Camryn's story... And I mean we completely continue it... With major ups and tragic downs! Tears and joy... But most of all lots of love. To the very end...I normally don't enjoy when authors fast forward the story a few years... It always seems to me that they may have tired of the story and just want to skip to the end... But in this case it works! And I hope... It leads us to a whole new series.. With Lily and Gavin... Great ending.... Complete life for them... And then some! [NA] It picks up where the other left off. It is filled with similar obstacles that they faced in their 1st road trip. They need to figure out how to overcome their shared loss & take to the open road to do it. By the time they reach the end they've figured out how they want to move forward. They are still a hot mess. Making me exasperated, but I still wanted to see them through to the end. Dual Narrators were great. He was masculine and steady. She was feisty.

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it was fun. the ending dragged a little. could've ended after the baby was born imo

Great book nice follow up to the first one

El final fue tan insípido.


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