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The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend (2010)

The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend (2010)

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0316084239 (ISBN13: 9780316084239)
Little Brown/Poppy

About book The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend (2010)

Firstly Bianca herself? I loved her. She is so witty and snarky and sarcastic and a true teenager. It was a pleasure to take this journey with her.The other characters in this book I really liked also. Especially Wesley, he is a fun ride (no pun intended) and makes an excellent personality to pitch Bianca against.Although this story is very typical cliche, young girl falls for a-hole with troubled past, it is actually far better then I was ever expecting. It’s funny and quirky and for the most part well written. There are a few times where dialogue falls a bit flat and doesn’t quite hit the target of impact it was going for but I still enjoyed this book over all.It tells the familiar story of a young girl just trying to make it through something difficult. It is not afraid to dive into the world of teenage sex, yet it doesn’t make it smutty or graphically detailed, which I appreciated. Its charming, clever and has plenty of laugh out loud moments, which I think most of you will enjoy.Would I recommend this book? Sure! Go for it, its a fun read. 3.5I like this book, even though it's not exactly what I expected. However, there were some things about it that annoyed me. The writing took some time getting used to, mostly because it was written like someones conversation. The whole book seemed like lots of swearwords and talking about someone behind their backs. I guess that's the point, but my copy of the book is about 300 pages, and it was a lot to handle when every page was filled with the same words about other people. Other than that I really like the book, it was a quick and fun read.

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