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The Dream Thieves (2013)

The Dream Thieves (2013)

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0545424941 (ISBN13: 9780545424943)
Scholastic Press

About book The Dream Thieves (2013)

This was another strong book in this series. And in my opinion better then the first book. My same problem with the first book was in this one as well. It took me about 100 pages for the action to really pick up. But once it did it was really strong. This book also ended on a cliff hanger making me want to read the third one in the series. If you enjoyed the first one. Make sure to take a look at this one. 3.5 starsI loved the pacing and the ever present urgency to have the pieces fit together. We get to know Ronan a whole lot better. Love him or not you can't help be captivated by his story. The Grey Man is a new addition to the adventure. Really starting to know each character a little more. I still don't have a hold on Gansey - he still seems such an enigma to me. The descriptions of him have me wondering who (or what) he really is?? And Blue... Really starting to like her and I want something more for her and Gansey. On to the next one...

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A completely new take on Y/A genre the story is so compellingcant wait to read the next one!

i liked this book a lot but i never could get to the ending of it.

Wonderful characters and concept of dreams to life-

Book 2 in the series


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