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The Dream Stealer (2009)

The Dream Stealer (2009)

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0061755648 (ISBN13: 9780061755644)
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About book The Dream Stealer (2009)

The author, Sid Fleischman, always finds a humorous way to tell stories. I read this book in 30 minutes. It's short and fun. It's about an 8 year old girl who insists on having her dream returned to her after the dream stealer snatches it from her sleep. She ends up having an adventure at the dream stealer's castle, where he keeps all the stolen dreams. It's a simple book about bravery, friendship, and wits Who is that peeking through the window at night, is it a monster? No, it’s the Dream Stealer, and he has come to steal your nightmares away. But the Dream Stealer has grown scared and now he is after your good dream.The Dream Stealer has stolen from the wrong muchacha, and Susana and she is mad. Determined to get her dream back, Susana tricks the Dream Stealer with a bowl of very hot pepper. The Dream Stealer agrees to give her, her dream back in exchange for some much needed water. Join them as they travel through the sky to the Dream Stealer castle. Fight along with them as they battle all the escaped monsters. Share with them the friendship that develops in this heroic tale.Young Reader Chapter Book. Voted one of the best Indie books for kids.

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Not really what I expected. Sort of odd and drawn out. The girl showed courage and had adventures.

brief fantasy, with lots of action and interesting characters. Would be a great read-aloud.


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