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Sid Fleischman

Sid Fleischman
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Books by Sid Fleischman


The Dream Stealer (2009)

The author, Sid Fleischman, always finds a humorous way to tell stories. I read this book in 30 minutes. It's short and fun. It's about an 8 year old girl who insists on having her dream returned to her after the dream stealer snatches it from her sleep. She ends up having an adventure at the ...

The Dream Stealer (2009) by Sid Fleischman

Jingo Django (1971)

Has there really been anyone else writing stories like this for young readers over the course of the past several decades? Since the onset of the time that his writing of vintage western adventure stories really took off in the 1970s, Sid Fleischman has basically had the market cornered on this p...

Jingo Django (1971) by Sid Fleischman

Humbug Mountain (1988)

With a dad who is an itinerant newspaper-man thirteen year-old Wiley, his ten year-old sister Glorietta and their parents are always on the move. Sometimes they are running from townfolk who don't appreciate the dad's brand of reporting, sometimes they are seeking Opportunity. This time there is ...

Humbug Mountain (1988) by Sid Fleischman

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