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The Dom's Dungeon (2009)

The Dom's Dungeon (2009)

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1607374927 (ISBN13: 9781607374923)
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About book The Dom's Dungeon (2009)

I'm quite uncertain about whether I should give it four or five stars, so let's begin with four and I'll see later .. Reason of my not being able to decide is simple as I don't really liked Mac.. it's nothing with her past, it's just that she had quite a hard time telling Alex about it.. even if she thought their relationship was going to be temporary.. she could have told him, she should have... on the other hand I understand her motives.. and it probably shouldn't affect my rating.. I'm really this book we meet Mac and Alex, and as shitty of a life Mac had before, she has now gotten herself together and is ready to begin a new life somewhere no one knows her, or her past that used to make her life pretty miserable.. Alex, the good, caring Dom, owner of a BDSM club finds her in his dungeon naked, after he comes home from a conference before even leaving town.. and with that one of my little problems with this book happens.. he spanks her right there as a punishment for her breaking in to the locked dungeon.. it doesn't matter that they've never met, that he doesn't know crap about her, he just takes control and spanks her.. okay what was it, maybe three swats? Not that bad.. but still... I wouldn't really call that consensual even if she doesn't insist on her getting up and running away when she has to face the 'consequences' of her crime.. But that you can move on from.. somehow the story rolls, and Alex is sweet and understanding, and lets poor Mac stay at his house for the time of her job hunting.. They make an arrangment to make Alex's ex-temporary-sub understand that she has nothing to do with him anymore, so Mac becomes Alex's new sub on parties and at the club.. well that's nice, isn't it? Of course it is.. BUT.. when the ex on purpose on almost gets Mac whipped and in a pretend-rape-scene, the Doms of the club decide the ex sub needs a punishment... I get that. It's good again.. BUT what kind of punishment she gets? Only fair that she suffer the same thing that she wanted Mac to go through.. though Mac saves her from the rape scene because she's so soft hearted and blah blah, she still gets whipped and then flies away to Italy.. I honestly don't know how I feel about that one.. sure they had to make sure that she won't do something similar to another person again, and she required punishment and all.. but ... I just don't know.. wasn't there a chance to get it done any other way? Also I know it's the point of the story okay? The BDSM and all.. their rules and their responsibility to make sure she'll no longer be a problem.. but.. the but is still hanging there.. Altogether though The Dom's Dungeon was a good read.. a sweet and sometimes hot and enjoyable read because the author has a great talent in writing, so I might just give it if not full five but a 4,5 stars... because after all I get why things happened how they did, and they gave the book the point..:) It is nice to know that there are authors out there that will not let you down. That they have a special way to appeal to you and touch your heart, no matter whether you agree or not with what they write. Finishing this book made me smile.House-swapping her little Iowa flat with Alex' multi-million estate, vet MacKenzie discovers (not at all by accident) the dungeon he hides "in the cupboard under the stairs". When her host returns home unexpectedly and finds her naked, excited and draped over his spanking bench, he loses no time to deliver her first punishment... and it is a love story after that. With a small hiccup. Mac's past in the streets of Iowa prevents her not only from opening her heart and admitting the obvious (that she is a kinky little slut!), but starting over as a veterinarian. Alex to the rescue (though I was rooting for Victoria all the way!)Every time I read one of Ms. Sinclair's books, I lose track of time and refuse to eat, sleep or move until it is finished. They suck you in with their warmth, their comfort, their intrigue and even their predictability - which in this case was not a bad thing. Sometimes it is good to know what could be down the road, so you're not completely blind-sighted when it hits the fan (like MacKenzie in the party).I liked the feeling of familiarity that engrossed me while reading this book. I love the author's writing style, and she has a way of subtly describing BDSM in a way that makes you fall in love with it. I am all up for trying house-swapping myself now!

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One author who is always a sure fire pleaser.

3.5 stars. LOVED Alex!!! Very sweet story :)

Tried it, couldnt get into it.

Loved this story!!!


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