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The Devouring (2008)

The Devouring (2008)

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0316035734 (ISBN13: 9780316035736)
Little, Brown and Company

About book The Devouring (2008)

Una refrescante historia que mezcla terror, romance, aventura y accioón, de lectura ligera y entretenida.Nos presenta a unas criaturas atemporales que se alimentan del miedo de la personas y poseen su cuerpo adueñandose de sus vidas mientras tu alma se consume viviendo tus peores miedos y pesadillas; y sin esperanza de ser rescatado ya que nadie nota la diferencia entre una persona poseída por un Vorador y un humano; o al menos así era hasta el momento en que nuestros protagonistas Reggie y su mejor amigo Aaron deben salvar al hermano pequeño de Reggie quien ha sido poseído por un Vorador. This book is a really good book it kept me at the edge of my chair.The characters in this book are Reggie the older sister, Aaron her best friend,and Henry her little brother who basically gets possessed.The story takes place on story night around Christmas time in the small town of Cutters Wedge.Reggie and Aaron are into a lot of horror movies and books.Reggie finds a journal at a bookstore that tells a story of a boy who's soul was possessed on sorry night.She is facing a external and internal conflict because she has to against her brother and the vours but has to face her fears and chose to do the right or wrong thing .Vours feed on peoples fear.Reggie and Aaron try and see if they would get possessed by the vours but instead her brother Henry gets a vour inside him and Reggie has to try to save her brother before its to late.Reggie goes through dynamic changes through the story. she starts changing her attitude facing her fears she gets stronger and her attitude definitely changes.She is strong, inpatient, mysterious and sometimes mean."That's freaking great Aaron.Thanks for the terrific rational approach."(Holt 79).I would soo recomende this book to anyone who likes horror, mysterious, action packed books.This book is a amazing book I loved it.Its a page turner.They should turn this book into a movie.It is really good you can like see images in your head.The ending of the story is really shocking.I love this book that is why im giving it 5 stars.

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It was amazing and it chilled me to my bones

Muy creepy y muy bueno


good book

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