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The Daughters (2010)

The Daughters (2010)

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About book The Daughters (2010)

The Daughters was a outstanding book that told of a life as a famous daughter of one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. This story mainly focus on the life of Lizzie Summers, one of the three main daughters in the series. Lizzie's story is about the struggle between her love life, her family, and school. Lizzie expected that she would get used to all the paparazzi and fame she and her best friends Carina Jurgensen and Hudson Jones get for their parents fame and fortune, however, she'd rather stay in the sidelines. But, when she is approached by a fashion photographer who believes she is the new kind of beauty, she steps out of the sidelines and joins the play. Little did she know that this choice would affect her studies and her relationship with her mother. Along with her rising fame came a unexpected love to arise. This love would later begin the quarrel between the daughters, which might lead to their friendship's break. Joanna Philbin's idea of sharing stories from the view of the children of the famous shares the opinion and the feelings of what's it like to have famous parents gives a uniquely detailed idea of being born with fame and the problems they face. In this case, with the start of their high school years, the daughters must learn to face the effects of fame and the importance of friendship while juggling a normal school year and family issues. My oldest daughter is getting into the reading world of fun! During the end of the school year she picked out the book "The Daughters". She wasn't able to finish the book before the school year finished. So at our public library, she requested the book. And within a day she finished up the book. So, it had me curious, what is my daughter enjoy reading that she read it so quickly. I to, open up the book and just couldn't put it down. It wasn't a book of suspense, but the writer did such a marvelously job of grabbing the reader's attention and holding on to it until the end. And the best part about this book is that I could use the saying as "see her mother loved her and was always right". Love it!

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Refreshing characters; sweet, understandable teenage romance; and true friendship.

Very funny and witty book!!

Awesome read


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