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The Dark And Hollow Places (The Forest Of Hands And Teeth, #3) (2011)

The Dark and Hollow Places (The Forest of Hands and Teeth, #3) (2011)

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About book The Dark And Hollow Places (The Forest Of Hands And Teeth, #3) (2011)

This was probably my favorite book of the series. I really liked Annah's personality at times and sometimes I hated it but I really enjoyed having the book in her point of view. Is it just me or did Gabry go through some pretty quick character development or did the author forget her portrayed personality in the second book? I never believed Gabry was a "strong and confident" character in the second book and all of a sudden she is? It's funny, in Dead Tossed Waves, I really started to like Elias a lot and now I like Catcher again. *Sigh* Oh, those love triangles will get ya! Otherwise, I really really enjoyed this book out of the three,and all in all this was an amazing series. I really did not care about anyone in this book. The emotions and events were incredibly repetitive, and I found the heroine annoying. She watched people around her kill zombies so many times, yet she is so reluctant to defend herself. That became annoying quickly. What was also annoying is that the author assumed that even in a zombie apocalypse women would still fret and obsess over their appearances rather than give a sh*t about the people around them or *SPOILER* their long-lost relatives. Give me a break. I don't know any teenagers who are this vapid and narcissistic.I only finished the book because I wanted to find out with finality what happened to Mary, but I didn't even get that. Instead I got two teenagers with codependency issues and no sense of self. Blergh.

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Overall the series was good. I do feel deprived though that I never get to find out Mary's fate.

If you're into zombies and love this is the book to read.

I was sad to see this series end, I wanted more.


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