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Temné Diery (2012)

Temné diery (2012)

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Vydavateľstvo SLOVART

About book Temné Diery (2012)

Why does every book always have to end in a happy ending? For's not realistic and entirely annoying. The world is overrun by zombies yet you somehow have all the supplies you need to make an escape and your captors are not able to catch you. Everything is just perfectly in place to make an easy escape.And...somehow everyone ends up with the love of his/her life. Come on! Another first I did like how each book followed a different main character. But then I was thinking about it...the author really detaches the reader from the previous character. It's as if they're a stranger. Also, I don't feel like the audience really gets to know the emotions of any other character besides the main one.In all reality, I thought the series started off well, but as I read each book, I was just getting sick of the plot. Really it was three of the same plots, just with different people. Zombies overtaking an area, the main character girl losing her first love, the love of her life (different loves depending on the character) then coming into the picture all while trying to find a place of safety which they magically find at the end of the novel. The end. That is all. Except we never find out what happens to them!!! Or Mary, who was the first main character ugh! I've had to keep my reviews simple of late, if i review at all. I just struggle with time now, with my new six month old baby. I struggle with time to read books, let alone review.That said this was my favorite of the three novels. The heroine struggles with the question of ultimately whats the point. Suicide is a constant theme, as is redemption. Survival is at is most lowest point. Things that have to be done, of questionable morals. Three and a half stars. Probably if I was a young-adult, and therefore more relate-able in age, and with the ideology that love wins out. That survival, no matter how depressing is living, and therefore worth fighting for. For the belief, in all the odds, that everything will come up trumps. For a young adult series it does deal with death, rape, humility, horror and other areas that other YA books just wont broach.

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Another great story! Took me a while to connect all of the pieces, but a good read!

This one might be my favorite out of all of them.

This was my favorite book of them all!


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