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The Dangerous Debutante (2006)

The Dangerous Debutante (2006)

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This is the first book that I read in this series and I loved it so much that I had to read the rest of the series.In 1812 Captain Ainsley Becket sends his adopted daughter Morgan from their home in Romney Marsh to London to have a season sponsored by his oldest adopted son Chance and his wife Julia (see A GENTLEMAN BY ANY OTHER NAME) though he fears for the Ton when the outrageous high spirited woman takes the city. On the trek, Morgan decides she needs to ride her horse over the objection of her servant. This break from societal rules enables her to meet an Earl, Ethan Tanner of Tanner's Roost.Attracted to her beauty, intelligence and ?lan, Ethan persuades her to come to his estate so that she can prepare properly for her arrival in London with him as her escort. In fact he wants her to meet his eccentric mom who runs off any eligible female with her zany behavior. Instead Morgan and Lady Tanner hit it off as kindred sisters. As they make love and fall in love, Ethan wants to marry Morgan, but she refuses as she feels she is beneath his position in society as he an Earl and she an adopted street urchin.The second Beckets of Romney Marsh is a wonderful Regency romance starring a wild female daredevil and the Earl who matches her zaniness (after all it is in his blood). The story line focuses on their relationship as everyone including Ethan wants Morgan married to him; that is everyone except her. She assumes that you can take the girl out of the street, but you can't take the street out of the girl. The tale focuses on Ethan's efforts to convince her that he does not care using his eccentric mom as his proof. Kasey Michaels is two for two so far in what is proving to be an amusing well written historical seri

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