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The Compound (2008)

The Compound (2008)

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0312370156 (ISBN13: 9780312370152)
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About book The Compound (2008)

This book by S.A Bodeen was an overall good book. Some components that would appeal to most readers, would be all the suspense and excitement. But the slow start, and obnoxious protagonist keep this book from receiving all five stars. This book focuses on a wealthy family that was sent into a compound to avoid a nuclear attack. Not all the family makes it to the safe haven Eli’s (protagonist) twin brother and grandmother did not make it in time. After six years there lives in the compound slowly begins to alter, as food becomes increasingly hard to come by. The family has to make some difficult decisions based on the fathers orders. When there seems to be no more hope for the family Eli begins to come across clues that hint to life outside of the compound. An interesting part of this book was how much Eli was able to change as a character. When the book started Eli was a kid that had lost his other half, wasn’t able to truly connect with any of his family members but a series of misfortunate events lead him to protecting his family this was shown when: “other men got out of the helicopter and started our way. I took a few steps in front of my family, arms out to my side stay behind me.” (237) Not to mention all of the excitement that comes from the foreshadowing throughout the book, when S.A Bodeen writes “The dreadful yellow door, that marks all our families regrets” catches the readers and almost forces them to continue to read.I would recommend this book for people around the age of 10+. People that like a interesting book, that slightly enjoy an sci-fi type of book. Readers that are able to connect with characters will enjoy this read. This book featured a protagonist who was unlikable through 4/5 of the story. On top of that, I found it pretty obvious from the second chapter or so what was going on. It was a quick read, so I stuck with it on the off chance there would be an interesting or unexpected twist somewhere along the way; but alas, it was not to be. Reading this book reminded me of reading The Maze Runner (another book I really didn't like, and which I hate-read anyway); there were lots of moments that felt like they were written as a script for a TV show or movie. There was even a moment at the end where I could practically hear the sting music as a sequel was set up. I fervently hoped there wouldn't be a sequel, but seeing this title labelled as "Compound #1", it seems I am in the minority on that opinion.

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I really liked the ending and how they lived in the luxury compound for six years

best book never thought the dad was keeping some somthing from them

This was a good book

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