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The Children Act (2014)

The Children Act (2014)

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0385539703 (ISBN13: 9780385539708)
Nan A. Talese

About book The Children Act (2014)

This book follows a High Court Judge, Fiona. She and her husband are having relationship problems after he suggested they have an open marriage. She is horrified and when he moves out she throws herself into her work.It follows the cases she works on- the main one being a case of a young Jehovah Witness lad. He is refusing a blood transfusion- is this ethical to allow him to make this decision. Can he possibly make this life shortening decision at his age. He is just a few months away from his 18th birthday- they have to decide whether to allow him to stay with his beliefs.Many thanks for a copy of this book. Cold and clinical, but short and easy to read. I though that it was factually correct when it came to JW beliefs, but it felt off in a way. Some of the JW characters' expressions, for example, were those of mainstream Christianity rather than the JW version. You just wouldn't say that people who die go to the "kingdom of heaven on earth." You'd say they were awaiting their earthly reward or something. And you wouldn't say that "God is visiting leukemia" upon a person. To JWs things like diseases are from Satan, though perhaps indirectly. Only recommended where there is interest.

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