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The Cardturner About Imperfect Partners And Infinite Possibilities (2010)

The Cardturner About Imperfect Partners and Infinite Possibilities (2010)

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0307712133 (ISBN13: 9780307712134)
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About book The Cardturner About Imperfect Partners And Infinite Possibilities (2010)

For me, this book suffers from the fact that it isn't a patch on 'Holes'. 'Holes' was such an amazing book. I know it is unfair to compare such different works from the same author, but when you love 'Holes' so much that you invest in another of the writer's books, it is disappointing for it to be nothing like. And there were elements that I liked, there were. But you can tell the author is so incredibly into playing 'Bridge' himself and wants to get younger people into playing 'Bridge' as well, that it becomes so instructional that at times I wanted to skip ahead to the actual story parts. The actual story parts were interesting, but no, I don't want to play 'Bridge' just from reading this book, I found all of that talk hard going and quite simply, it went over my head. Perhaps I'm just not intelligent enough? I don't think ahead like you'd have to, kind of like playing 'Chess'. It isn't my bag. How the characters win in this book, what is involved in that - now THAT was interesting to me... The book I read this summer was entitled, "The Cardturner". As a book about a card game, I never would have thought to read something like this, as its really not like me to do so. It was written by Louis Sachar, the same author of the popular book "Holes". The book is set in a first person narrative, following a sixteen year old boy named Dalton. His uncle which he never really got to know gets diagnosed with diabetes and blindness. To help himself and his family score some cash by getting them in his rich uncle's will, Dalton agrees to become his uncle's Cardturner. A Cardturner is a person who assists a person playing bridge. This book was one I could connect with very easily because of the fact that the protagonist was a teenage boy, and Sachar does a very good job of this, even though he is a middle aged man! This book also presents a situation that most teenagers have to endure, which is liking another person, although already taken by someone else. The book had a firm grasp on showing the ideals in Dalton's life, as well as the things he had to dread. As I said before, this book focuses a lot on the card game bridge, which is a very, very confusing topic and it flew right over my head in most parts of the story, however, this aspect managed to eventually grow on me throughout the book. This book had no real graphic content other than kissing, which I assume most people don't mind. All in all, this book is a story that I could connect with greater than almost any other story I've read by assessing the mind of a teenager very well and includes a very entailing love story, I give this read an 8.5/10.

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This is a book about bridge. Bridge. The card game. Really.

A lot more techical bridge than i liked, but it was okay.

Excellent. :) Makes me want to learn bridge.....

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