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The Burning Wire (2010)

The Burning Wire (2010)

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1439156336 (ISBN13: 9781439156339)
Simon & Schuster

About book The Burning Wire (2010)

The story is different; the Perp's MO unique - using Electricity as a Weapon. It is a fun book to read.My one major issue with this book is that The Major Characters - Rhymes, Saks, others are just acting different. It seems almost like Deaver pulled a Patterson (have others write the books). They are cussing like sailors which is very aberrant for them. Rhymes as a character is all about control and mental toughness; in this story he has more mood swings than a 8 month pregnant lady. He has always been a jerk to people but atleast he was always consistent. Saks seems different. Polanski is sulking around acting a teenage girl who just hot braces.If you can look past this glaring inconsistency in the series; the book is fairly enjoyable. A great crime novel with an interesting choice of weapons to commit the crimes. Although the I somehow found the end was a little predictable, but that may just be me. At no point in the book did I go "Oh My God, What The F*** Just Happened? ".. which I find is a vital characteristic of a book crime book. I loved "The Bone Collector" (the only other book I read of Jeffery Deaver) and I absolutely loved it. The unique story of a unique criminalist, but I found that in this book I was used to Lincoln's methods and wasn't as fascinated as I found myself being in the first book.It may seem that I'm only going over the negative aspects of the book. But in the end it is a great read with a very unique weapon of choice from our killer. I will definitely read more Jeffery Deaver books in the near future, and possibly even Lincoln Rhyme novels.. but maybe not for a few months.

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