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The Bourne Objective (2010)

The Bourne Objective (2010)

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0446539813 (ISBN13: 9780446539814)
Grand Central Publishing

About book The Bourne Objective (2010)

After picking this book 5 times in last 3 days and still being stuck on page 10, I give up...maybe this is a book for core action thrill lovers but it isn't for me...I would have read it for Ludlum whose few books I have enjoyed, but as soon as I realized by folly and found it to be posthumous write, I no longer had the will to try too much when I already have a number of other books I really want to read...This might have been good, but just wasn't for me... Eric Lustbader needs a new plot for the Bourne books. Though the action scenes are well down and the many characters is great the lack of an actual plot beyond Anakin (sp) and Bourne circling as the last two Treadstone people is boring. This is the third book following the two. If Lustbader prefers the other guy just give him his own book and let Bourne get back to being a professor and super spy.

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I liked more Carlos as Bourne enemy, Arkadin was good, but Carlos was the best

Fascinating at the beginning, ready for another epic story of Jason.

Not a very good book, and not a good abridgement at all.

loved it . go read it

Not bad

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