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The Body Of Jonah Boyd (2005)

The Body of Jonah Boyd (2005)

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About book The Body Of Jonah Boyd (2005)

The Body of Jonah Boyd , a novel by David Leavitt, published in 2004, is a story of the Wright family in Wellspring, California told by Ernest Wright’s secretary, Janet (Denny) Denham. It centers around a Thanksgiving meal in 1969. Ernest Wright is a psychology professor at the local college in Wellspring. This is a fictitious place modeled after Standford University. Denny is Mr. Wright’s secretary and she is invited to a Thanksgiving meal as one of the strays. The Wright’s invite some of the graduate students every year. Nancy finds out that Denny can play four hands at the piano so she becomes a regular visitor on Saturdays. Denny (Judith Denham) is having an affair with Ernest, plays piano with his wife Nancy, becomes Daphne’s and eventually Ben’s confidants and even becomes friend’s with Jonah Boyd’s daughter. In 1969, Nancy’s old friend, Anne who has remarried to an author Jonah Boyd visit. Jonah Boyd carries a single copy of his most recent book around in notebooks even though he is prone to lose them over and over. This is a story about the loss of this manuscript and the consequences that follow. David Leavitt is an American author of several books including The Lost Languages of Cranes which is on the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list. Leavitt is a professor at the University of Florida. He was sued for plagiarism in 1995. I read this book because it was a recommendation by Nancy Pearl. I purchased the book years ago and finally am getting it read. My book is a first edition. I don’t think it ever sold many copies but it is good. I enjoyed the writing. The story is contemporary story that explores family relationships and sexual struggles with the main theme being the problem of authorship. It is mostly told by an observer who is able to connect with each of the family members to learn their stories. There is the title which creates tension immediately because somehow there is going to be a body. Slowly small points are revealed, constantly building suspense and the reader is pulled along to find out more. The reader does not find out what is the significance of the title until the very end. Leavitt is a good author. Reading his book Lost Languages of Cranes wasn’t high on my list of books I wanted to get to because of the subject matter but now that I have sampled this author I look forward to reading it.

I actually liked this book, starting it i judged too quickly, and almost allowed it to slip through my fingers and back into the return bin of the library. But i stuck with it, and i cant believe how well written, how great this book really is.Written in the persona of the secretary, Judith "Denny" Denham. Its about a family and their run in with the writer Jonah Boyd and how their lives intertwine.And the books. The books, so simple so small yet play the biggest part in the charade that is played. The whole story is built up rather nice, small exciting scenes like the oldest brother draft-dodging to Canada and they all build up to the big climax at the end of the book which is exposed in conversation.Wonderful! would be glad to read anther book by Leavitt, a who done it? without the twisted serial killer. A diamond that everyone should read!

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