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David Leavitt

David Leavitt
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Books by David Leavitt


While England Sleeps (1998)

From the blurb:At a meeting of republican sympathisers in London, Brian Botsford, a young middle-class writer and Cambridge graduate, meets Edward Phelan, an idealistic, self-educated London Underground worker. They share a mutual attraction. Across the divisions of class they begin an affair in ...

While England Sleeps (1998) by David Leavitt

Equal Affections (1997)

I was pleasantly surprised by Equal Affections, having had no expectations at all: I was unfamiliar with the author, picked the 24-year old book off a sale table somewhere, and the cover graphics and text stirred only mild interest. But I quickly found it extremely well written, with characters ...

Equal Affections (1997) by David Leavitt

The Marble Quilt (2001)

A delightful collection. I get serious short story burnout when I try reading too many in a row and I've been reading a lot of them lately, but not one of these made my eyes glaze over or my mouth snarl into a cynical complaint about contemporary fiction. Each of these stories was interesting, fr...

The Marble Quilt (2001) by David Leavitt

A Place I've Never Been (1991)

So, you know how people talk about a golden age of short story writing that took place during the 1980s? I often fantasize about that era, and try to find the writers who were part of it. This book was written in 1990, but Leavitt's first collection came out in 1984, and I wonder if he's part o...

A Place I've Never Been (1991) by David Leavitt

Family Dancing (1997)

Dança de Família é uma colectânea de contos, que David Leavitt escreveu aos 22 anos. O elo de ligação entre eles é a família e os sentimentos que nela habitam: o amor, o desamor, a união, a desunião..."cada família abriga um estranho no seu seio."Território - A homossexualidade. A aceitação e com...

Family Dancing (1997) by David Leavitt

Arkansas: Three Novellas (1998)

I really enjoyed reading this collection, and it reinforced my faith in David Leavitt as a writer. The first novella, The Term Paper Artist, is one of those stories that's held up by its premise. It has an interesting take on gay for pay. These guys are gay for research papers. Once the premise h...

Arkansas: Three Novellas (1998) by David Leavitt

Florence: A Delicate Case (2002)

Re-read (bought & read it in Florence in 2006 when I was staying there for a summer course) of this charming little ‘refreshing antidote to the average city guide’ as the cover says. Not always fairly judged though, just because it is not a city guide and you will be disappointed if that is what ...

Florence: A Delicate Case (2002) by David Leavitt

The Body of Jonah Boyd (2005)

The Body of Jonah Boyd , a novel by David Leavitt, published in 2004, is a story of the Wright family in Wellspring, California told by Ernest Wright’s secretary, Janet (Denny) Denham. It centers around a Thanksgiving meal in 1969. Ernest Wright is a psychology professor at the local college in ...

The Body of Jonah Boyd (2005) by David Leavitt

The Lost Language of Cranes (2005)

”It was horrible, really, what I was feeling, the sense I had that I was running a terrible risk every minute of my life - risking my family, my career - but not being able to help it; somehow just not being able to help it. I was thinking every day how I had to change my life, how I couldn’t go ...

The Lost Language of Cranes (2005) by David Leavitt

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