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The Birthing House (2008)

The Birthing House (2008)

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About book The Birthing House (2008)

I've got nothing to add that others haven't already said; this book simply didn't deliver. The main character, Conrad, was a severely unlike able schmuck and the only scary thing in the story. I disliked him and all the characters in the book so much that I didn't care what happened to any of them. The writing style was annoying; it seemed as if the author would write a paragraph and then delete every other sentence leaving a disjointed mess behind. And, finally, what was with all iced tea Conrad was drinking?? I was taught always to start a negative conversation with something positive. There are a few good things I can say about this book. 1-I liked the dogs. A lot. The dogs were very believable characters.2- I thought the part with the photo album was starting to be interesting, (then the main character burned it. Within 10 minutes of looking at maybe 4 pages?!?! Seriously? WTH?! )3- Hmmmm...I like Victorian houses? (Now I'm grasping at straws to find things I liked)Things I didn't like1- The main character. Whiny, whiney, whiney.2-His wife. Total and complete birch.3- The neighbors. one is super nosey and the others? Seriously, you would ask someone you've known for maybe a month to take care of your house while you're out of town for 2 weeks?!4- I honestly was confused most of the time. Just not very well written.It wasn't the worst book I've ever read but it's definitely up there. It read like one of the really crappy lifetime movies. Actually, it would probably be better if it was made into one. Given a good screen writer, it could be a decent story. Great premise for a story and if some parts ( like the photo album) were fleshed out more it could work.

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This book was okay, but didn't really keep my attention, for the entire length of the story.

Weird as hell. Could not tell you what happened.

Gave up in it really early on.


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