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The Aviator's Wife (2013)

The Aviator's Wife (2013)

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0345528670 (ISBN13: 9780345528674)
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About book The Aviator's Wife (2013)

Anne Morrow's story, as told through Benjamin's eyes, reflects a lot of issues beyond the primary details surrounding her marriage to American hero Charles Lindbergh and the infamous story behind the kidnapping/death of their first child. It will make for a good book club discussion which is one reason I rated it so high....perhaps higher than I should have. Initially, I was put off by the immature, privileged Anne Murrow persona whose main goal was not just to marry as expected of her era, but to marry a "hero." It took me a while to adjust to the author's writing style, but the character development and story line grew on me. Of course, the biggest issue/theme is the role of women in the 1940s and 1950s and how Anne in one respect succumbed to it while on the other hand, achieved something no other woman did at that time. She learned how to navigate their biplane by the stars and she became the first licensed female pilot. These accomplishments were amazing and ultimately, the two became equally dependent partners in flight.The story addresses the pressure of continuous conflicts with the media as a result of their fame, the dilemma she is forced to face regarding loyalty to husband vs duty to children, and her inability to find her own identity and voice. The historical context is rich, particularly just before World War II when Lindbergh's admiration of Hitler's Germany becomes public and she vacillates in her own opinions. This was a very good read. The historical purist will probably object to the first person telling of the story, but, this is what makes the book (it IS fiction) come to life. I accept Benjamin's research of Anne published work including diaries as providing a pretty good foundation into looking into her "soul." greener in Mexico, cherished virtue, Augustus, interpreted interest, fabric surface, chewing gum, over-confidence can harden you, father against mother raised him, she was twice pilot of Amelia, worthy of one who needed no one, no one ever wanted to contradict Charles, sister-something comes over me, celestial navigation, seaplane, confused people dark mood, nearly drowned Yangtze, she is crew, 3 cheats letters 7 other kids, blame media for moving to London, the caretaker of dead memories, jew bias also ford, 6 children no abortion, only weak need heroes and heroes need weak to stay weak per grandma, Apollo 11.

Do You like book The Aviator's Wife (2013)?

A little slow reading, but very interesting, inside look at the life of Charles and Anne Linburgh.

It reads like a soap opera, but a good soap opera. I couldn't put it down.

I really like this book and the writing.

Loved it!

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