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The Assassin's Prayer (2010)

The Assassin's Prayer (2010)

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0593063546 (ISBN13: 9780593063545)
Bantam Press

About book The Assassin's Prayer (2010)

Another fantastic addition to this series, though I am sad to know it is also the last in this series. The story itself was really great. I thought this one might not be as good as the others since going into it you know that it is Scarry hunting Adelia but I found the mystery of trying to figure out just who in their procession was actually Scarry intriguing. Of course lots of people are not happy with the cliffhanger at the end, which I understand because I definitely want to know what happens next. But I do feel that the mystery of this book was concluded satisfactorily and so I was still pretty much overall pleased with the book. This book had all the same strengths as it's predecessors. Great research into the period, wonderful characters and an interesting mystery. I really enjoyed this book and the entire series, but than the author passed away! One thing I did not like about her last 2 books was that they ended in a super weird way that clearly was D R A M A T I C A L L Y leading into the next book except.............there was no next book after this!!!I know that her daughter picked up and finished another stand alone novel that Ariana Franklin had written, is she going to pick up this series and at least give me an ending?!

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I was so sad to read that this author had died!!! no more of these?

So sad there won't be anymore of this series.

Average. Very average.

It was just ok

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