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Grave Goods (2009)

Grave Goods (2009)

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0399155449 (ISBN13: 9780399155444)
Putnam Adult

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I never finished the first book in the series, disliking a couple of Franklin's stylistic tics, and only picked up this one when I saw that it's based on the historical "discovery" of the bodies of Arthur and Guinevere at Glastonbury Abbey in the late 12th century. Adelia, the main character, is a female doctor and (as we'd say today) medical examiner born, raised, and trained in Sicily. In England, she has to hide behind her Arab companion, pretending that he's the doctor and she's his assistant.Franklin's take on the Glastonbury bodies is highly fictionalized but also highly entertaining, interspersed with a secondary mystery, the disappearance of a young woman, her son, and her German champion/companion. I enjoyed the way everything came together in the end, even though a couple of points were predictable and another couple of points were eye-rolling. Franklin paints an intriguing picture of the personalities and issues of the times.This book didn't have any of the (to me) annoying stylistic tics. One thing that I don't find annoying is Franklin's use of fairly contemporary language for her characters---after all, they were speaking in the style of the times, at the time, and the dialog works well. I enjoyed this tale every bit as much as the first, Mistress of the Art of Death, which introduced us to Adelia. I do think I missed out on some of the continuity by not having read the second book, but no matter, it was still a great read.The premise of the series, that there is a half Jewish woman (and her Islamic companion ), trained in the medicinal arts in Italy, living in the 12th century world of Henry II in England, and furthermore at his beck and call for matters where her recognized expertise can be of service, is fascinating.Highly recommended for those who enjoy historical novels, and anyone who enjoys a good read.

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Even though I really liked this book also, I doubt I'll read another in this series. I'm satisfied.

She's gonna give up her independence for fuckin' Rowley? Not cool, nu-uh.

Love this author!

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