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The Arrangement 5: The Ferro Family (2013)

The Arrangement 5: The Ferro Family (2013)

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About book The Arrangement 5: The Ferro Family (2013)

So Avery and Sean both survive the accident. Avery wakes up to find out that Sean left the hospital without seeing her. Marty and Mel are there to be biggest supporters. When Gabe comes in, Avery gets the money out of the envelope and gives it to Gabe to give to Black. On her way home, she has Marty take her to Sean. He saved her life, she has to see him. Marty goes with her. Only Sean is shocked to see her and pissed to see Marty with her. Marty finally leaves her there and Sean begins to tell her he hates that hospital because that is where he lost his wife and baby. So they decide to be BFF's. Only Sean keeps trying to seduce her into letting him do some things that basically isn't intercourse. Avery is back to work for Black. She finds out her next contract is with Henry again. While she is with Henry, Sean is with his hooker. She is suppose to see him after she is done. So she goes on her date with Henry. They go to his room and things progress nicely. Until Henry asks how far she would go if she were really on a second date. Second base? So Avery thinks she is going to be having sex with Henry, only to have Henry stop after kissing her breasts. She is worried she failed once and Black is going to fire her. Only Henry says that he is stopping at second base, and is ordering her up again since it is the only way he can date her for the to get to third base. Avery is ecstatic! So she leaves and shows up at Sean's early. Only to find that she is betrayed by the two people she loves the most. Mel is Sean's hooker for the night. She slaps Mel and runs away. What will Avery do now? Onto #6 WOW!! I'm not sure what more I can say about #5 ... WOW WOW, maybe?? haha!! But on a serious note, I really am enjoying this series - the story gets better and better! The anticipation of what's going to happen next drives me nuts ... but it is keeping me on track and reading continuously!! Again, I am glad I was introduced to this series by a friend & despite some little repetitiveness they are great books!

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Can't put this series down. Each book leaves me going... Oh my God!!!

forgot how much I don't like this series :-(

A surprise for a friend and not a good one

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