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The Angry Wife (1980)

The Angry Wife (1980)

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0727806904 (ISBN13: 9780727806901)
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About book The Angry Wife (1980)

Beautiful book. I might have enjoyed it as much as I did because I started it with such low expectations, almost begrudgingly, almost forcing myself to pick it up before I continue my recent spate of devouring and indulging in contemporary novels. I thought it would be difficult to re-adjust to reading a classic, to have to try to relate to something so far in the past and clearly not relevant.Luckily I was wrong. I dove right in from the beginning, as the characters and the themes and the plot are all timeless and universal, because they are so insightfully written.Aging alongside the book's protagonist, Pierce, was both agonizing and reaffirming. The way he develops and grows is so convincing, but excruciating in its honesty. I've learned that Buck published this book when she was 49 years old, which makes sense to me. She clearly understands what aging and introspection and self-development entails. Pierce is so completely sympathetic and convincing as a whole human being, even when you disagree with his specific thoughts and actions. Finishing the book, and savoring the sum of Pierce's lifetime - his combined acts of heroism, mistakes, bad judgments, loyalty, valor, determination, love - was wholly satisfying and almost spiritual.A sequel novel showing this lifetime from the mean, bitchy cold-fish-wife's perspective would be equally illuminating I imagine. I wish Buck were around it write it.I wonder why Buck decided to publish this, among others, under her "John Sedges" pseudonym, considering that she was already a famed, successful, Pulitzer-winning author by then.

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