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Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck
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Books by Pearl S. Buck


The Good Earth (2005)

There is a gush of red, marvelous, and mysterious blood running through my veins. I am part Chinese. A race that has given me these small eyes and this yellowish complexion. A race that I have associated with frugality, hard work, mass production, internet restrictions, and Jackie Chan. China, I'...

The Good Earth (2005) by Pearl S. Buck

Sons (2005)

Sepertinya aku perlu memakai konsep ini, untuk membuat review di saat aku merasa ingin membuatnya, mungkin tak perlu menundanya hingga kuselesaikan. Toh, tak ada yang melarang review bertahap kan ? :DIni terbukti dari buku satu ini, saat tinggal kurang dari 20 halaman lagi buku ini kuselesaikan, ...

Sons (2005) by Pearl S. Buck

Pavilion of Women (1995)

Chiuming berarti musim gugur yang cerah.Jiu Ming (dibaca ciu ming) berarti tolongEntah disegaja atau tidak, kedua kata yang diucapkan nyaris sama mempunyai arti yang berbeda namun secara harafiah memiliki makna yang sama bagi Madame WuSaat berusia 40 tahun, Madame Wu memutuskan untuk mencarikan ...

Pavilion of Women (1995) by Pearl S. Buck

Imperial Woman (2004)

Before I attempt to say anything about this novel, I simply wish to note that I do not in any way award these five stars out of some misguided sentiment that this book accurately portrays China and all its entailing history as its own cultural members would. The most concrete experience I have wi...

Imperial Woman (2004) by Pearl S. Buck

Living Reed: A Novel of Korea (2004)

Wow, yet another fantastic read. Pearl S. Buck is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors. The Living Reed is a multi-generational saga centred upon the Kim family who struggle to maintain their proud Korean heritage and culture through the dark and harrowing days of Japanese occupation. ...

Living Reed: A Novel of Korea (2004) by Pearl S. Buck

Death in the Castle (1988)

Having read a couple of Pearl S. Buck’s Chinese novels; I was drawn to “Death in the Castle” due to the novel taking place in England versus China. The question is: can Buck maintain a story in a setting outside of the “norm”?“Death in the Castle” stands true to Buck style by jumping directly int...

Death in the Castle (1988) by Pearl S. Buck

Peony (2006)

Although I am drawn to Jewish culture (my boyfriend is Jewish); I was unaware of the Jewish assimilation into Imperial China. Pearl S. Buck reveals a cultural and character study in “Peony”.“Peony” encompasses the lovely prose which Buck is known for: strong, smooth, and crisp literary language w...

Peony (2006) by Pearl S. Buck

Dragon Seed (2006)

There are so many reasons why I should have liked this more than I did. The book was published in 1941. The Second World War had not yet ended. The Nanjing Massacre and the subsequent occupation by the Japanese is the central theme of the book. In 1948 the International Military Tribunal for the ...

Dragon Seed (2006) by Pearl S. Buck

The Goddess Abides (1973)

This one was a real struggle to finish. I felt like Buck's characters were very flat and did not evolve at all; this was a strong source of frustration for me. Edith never actually DID anything, she let others come to her, and when the time came to make a decision--well, she'd just claim to not...

The Goddess Abides (1973) by Pearl S. Buck

The Angry Wife (1980)

Beautiful book. I might have enjoyed it as much as I did because I started it with such low expectations, almost begrudgingly, almost forcing myself to pick it up before I continue my recent spate of devouring and indulging in contemporary novels. I thought it would be difficult to re-adjust to r...

The Angry Wife (1980) by Pearl S. Buck

God's Men (1978)

História da família de Clem que acaba por ser o único sobrevivente dos tumultos da Velha Imperatriz e do Imperador da China contra os estrangeiros.Clem passa por dificuldades pats regressar a América, o seu país de origem, mas encontra a generosidade de algumas famílias que lhe conduzem, em segur...

God's Men (1978) by Pearl S. Buck

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