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The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene (2000)

The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene (2000)

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About book The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene (2000)

Mac would kill him if she ever finds out. Barrons being Barrons. After this chapter, I really hated him for a while (5 minutes). Then I recognised that this is how Barrons is. This chapter gives a whole new illustration of his dark character. The series transform Mac from a pink fluffy bunny into something dark you don’t want to mess with. Barrons has been like that the entire series. It’s kind of a (surprisingly good) shock, to have something this dark and erotic taking place at the beginning of the series. And it sure was erotic.And I'd love to read more about Barrons' point of view! Ive only read the first three books, and so far there's only been some glimpses of a Mac and Barrons thing possibly brewing. There's been a few scenes where its obvious he is attracted to her, but it's whatever.I was really confused by who would be in this scene with Barrons, but in the end it made sense. But I really didn't like "Mac" in his POV. I am going to pretend I didn't read this unless this actually ties in with the last two books. I can totally see how KMM had a hard time writing a sex scene from his POV. I liked it but... I don't like how it ties into the story! But MANY people loved this little tid bit.SO please don't read my review and think it sucks and you wont like it. I just am "meh" about it tying in with the series. I do SUGGEST that you read this after you finished book five. I made that mistake of thinking it wouldn't conflict with the last two books.So do read this, but after you have finished reading book five, I am sure I would have liked it better if I knew what happens in 4&5.:)

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Nothing really happened :| probably should read the first book first

I needed this Jericho fix....can't seem to get enough of him!!!

Definitely read this after Fever #5.


I'm in love.

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