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Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod (2009)

Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (2009)

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About book Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod (2009)

This was better than I thought it would be. It actually touched on the darker elements of being a vampire--well, a half-vampire, anyways. But it still felt like the first couple chapters were about his vampire life, the majority of the middle was about him and his normal high-school problems, and then a couple chapters from the end his vampire life just suddenly picked up again. It might have made a little more sense if Vlad had actually spent more than a paragraph thinking about things that should actually worry him--I'm sorry but you're telling me that Meredith is going to take up more time in your brain than some vampire nearly stabbing you to death? And how did Vlad not connect the fact that he was having nightmares about a vampire with a blade with the fact that a vampire came after him with a BLADE? Brewer also does a lot of what I have a problem with in my own writing, which is showing and not telling. I found myself crossing off so many lines of writing in my head as I was reading, particularly surrounding her dialogue. The whole point of the dialogue is to emphasize the character's feelings; if you do the dialogue right you shouldn't have to take two sentences to explain why they said it. 10/1/14sept novel responce.Tenth Grade Bleeds, Heather Brewer, As I like the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod I like all the books but the drama and exsitment in the book is amazing and as of now it is the best book ive read so far. The story takes place in the city of Bathory. The main character is a halfblood vampire and human named Vladimir. The main cnflict is he’s the pravus which is a almighty vampire, and a nother vampire is trying to take that from Vlad. I recomend this book to anyone and everyone. I would recomend this book cause its a amazing novel but dont take my word read it yourself.

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this book was awsome.I think I would of liked to read the books before it.

Really interesting and is good like the other books :D

AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!


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